International Consortium of Line Dance Instructors
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                                Line Dance Instructor Certification Training 

             Welcome to the Home of the International Consortium of Line Dance Instructors (ICLDI)!!!!  

        We are an organization that offers dance teachers an opportunity to complete their dance instructor certification throughout the USA. We are administered by an Executive Council (EC) that is comprised of the senior officials selected to serve (see EC names below). The EC establishes policy guidance and regulations governing the operation of the organization.

Our premier certification offering is referred to as the Accelerated Instructor Certification Program (AICP) and contains the following:

  • two-day training program of 12 hours that awards participants a Level 1 certification designation;
  • one-day six (6) hour training session that awards attendees a Level 2 re-certification;
  • both training sessions require the participants to pass an examination successfully;
  • all course participants are required to have and maintain certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

The AICP includes professional training for dance instructor certification in Odenton, MD and focuses on the fields of business development, legal aspects of dance instruction, physical therapy, injury prevention, teaching techniques, dance appreciation and music theory. 

We offer a diverse range of instructor training to meet the cultural, entertainment, and recreational interests of our customers across the US. Whether you are looking to meet new dance instructors and just get away from your daily instruction duties, participation in the AICP sponsored by The International Consortium of Line Dance Instructors can help. The following Executive Council (EC) membership is presented:

Executive Director, Sharon Lynn Holmes, M.S.

Administrative Officer, Lorraine Jones Wardlaw, M.S.

Dance Development Director, Kevin Murry (Acting)

Dance Outreach Director, Melodye Robinson, M.S.

Legal Advisor, Attorney Rebecca Letsome

Eastern Regional Director, Aline Goodman

Southern Regional Director, Zandra Colston (Acting)

Mid-Western Regional Director, Marilyn Sanders (Acting)

Western Regional Director, Harriette Coggs-Stuckey, M.S

                                                   !!!!!Shed the stress and worry of everyday dance life.

       Attend our certification sessions and enjoy a fantastic time of learning with other dance instructors.


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