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A Few Testimonials - Dance Instructor Certification in Odenton, MD

Read some of our testimonials from former dance instructors in Odenton, MD here.


Comments from Evaluations


1. Excellent! Very professional. Great concept for the Podiatrist. Hope you come back! Would be good if you could have some quick practices for dances that will be done at the training.

2. The Teaching Techniques were especially helpful in preparing dances to teach. The Legal information was an eye opener!

4. Thank you. I learned a lot! Excellent.

5. Especially enjoyed the dance teacher!

6. Awesome class and course!

7. Perhaps a session on standard terminology for steps. We all call the same steps by different names. Also would like a session on "How to Market Your Classes". I also enjoyed the Dance & Music Theory and Legal Aspects sessions - Excellent.

8. Would have liked more coverage on cueing.

9. Did an excellent job. Will spread the word about the workshop.

10. Would have liked more overview for basic dance steps and terminology.

Chicago Class in September 2018


Comments from Evaluations


1. I really enjoyed both days. I wish I had more time leading from the Master Trainer.

2. Do more line dancing during the Saturday session.

3. This class greatly enhanced me. I believe each subject enlightened me and really prepared me to teach my class better.

4. Really liked the legal copyright issues and learning the beats, counts and proper movements.

5. Loved the Master Instructor's session!

6. Enjoyed the proper counting and dance/music appreciation. The group dance collaboration was wonderful.

7. Overall great job!

8. Master Instructor and Legal Aspects sessions were very helpful.

Maryland Class in June 2019

Comments from Evaluations


1. Program is oriented to a certain type of line dancing. More interest may be general with a broader approach.

2. More people should know about this.

3. It has truly opened my eyes to not only line dance but also dancing period. Very very informative.

4. Excellent class.

5. Looking forward to always increasing my knowledge.

6. Instructors should be introduced to these techniques earlier than 2 years.

7. I learned a lot and this training far exceeded my expectations. Required CPR certification was a hugh plus. I look forward to next year.


Wisconsin Class in August 2019

 Comments from Evaluations

1. More teaching techniques and less legal and PT.

2. It was very informative and professional.

3. Excellent trainers. Local instructor included to help improve dance presentation.

4. Excellent program. Really got me excited.

5. Wonderful lessons. Extremely enjoyed Brad's instruction.

6. Include note pad in manual for note taking. Didn't hear much about business portion.

7. Very thorough.

8. Expected more information re music industry, legal information and copyright laws.

9. More actual where folks are judged. Proof of technique and knowledge.

10. Still learning not sure if I can give any need for improvement. 

New Jersey Class in June 2017

Comments from Evaluations

1. Presentations were great.

2. I am always surprised how much I learn at each session.

3. Everything was very informative.

4. I like that you keep it moving and the experts.

5. Dance and music theory is so important.

6. Teaching techniques were great to learn.

7. Thank you. Much needed.

8. Great class.

9. More breaks and stretching.

10. Revise written exam

California Class in June 2016